where innovation serves everyone

We work to promote access to knowledge, technology, informed consent and a balanced life style in urban- and rural areas. 

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(Free) education and certification

Be your own boss! There is too much work for us, and there is strength in unity! We coordinate regular training and support sessions presented by veterans in infrastructure planning and deployment - and help to adapt materials to local culture and conditions. We are also working on  standards easy and cheap to certify for.

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Shared Infrastructure

The buzzword is "commons". Wi-Fi-, Mobile- and IoT Networks can be more useful than water and electricity if applied correctly, because it can aid the efficient building of those. It can be rapidly deployed if critical infrastructure is shared, and if there are no central bottlenecks. Check back soon for case studies. 

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Automated Accounting & Documentation

Marry the principle of "don't repeat yourself" to every transaction and action in your project and free everyone from admin, and get more done, more accountably. This is also the best tool to promote independence and self-reliance in disadvantaged communities.

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Co-working & Maker spaces 

We encourage people to build shared working spaces, and to co-fund equipment. Like minded people like to work together and share resources. Why own your own space when you can share and co-own it, and share in many unexpected benefits from having like-minded people together in the same space!

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Technology Consulting    

Technology improves exponentially: Every 2-3 years you can get double the speed and capacity at the same price. By being intensely consultative and by helping you learn from the best, we can help you think and plan many steps ahead, and choose the right time to deploy.

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Free & Open Market Research

When everyone can see market and revenue potential clearly, as well as who is working on what, self-coordination can take industries to new heights. Why compete when you can solve different parts of the same problem? We invite everyone who can help to make this happen, to work with us.

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Community Management

Misunderstandings need to be carefully guided to maintain peace. Newcomers need an opportunity, and time, to grasp the whole picture and that time needs to be budgeted for and their desired outcomes and decided means developed and shared, and reiterated in locally relevant terms.

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Community Software and Conferences

We want to support shared software through a generous grant programme and make sure that these are well designed and well represented at relevant conferences

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Seed funding and small grants

Organic growth means your solution works - and it can occur rapidly in the right conditions, but every seed needs enough water to grow. We can help you frame your problem, and automate reporting, so you can find the seed funding you need to get going.